We are a small organisation, led by a team whose training and experience includes; social work, public & community art, art therapy, fine art, film and animation.

We are all parents actively involved in local community life in rural North East Scotland.

Our aims include:
Communicating about Art Therapy & its benefits.
Helping to make Art Therapy-based materials, groups and events available to people in rural, isolated areas.
Creating new art therapy approaches & piloting innovative projects.
Using and adapting art therapy to support parents & families towards richer creative communication.
Hosting conferences & other events to showcase innovative applications of art therapy -based approaches in health, education, social care & community projects.

Beverley A’Court – Art Therapist UK HPC Registered, BAAT, SATF web: beverleyacourt.wordpress.com
Kathy White – Art Therapist UK HPC Registered kathy@joyfulparents.co.uk Certified facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie http://www.Coachthework.co.uk  
Charles McKerron – Social Work (Service Manager) Scottish Ceilidh Dance caller Ceilidh Maker – Scottish ceilidh dance as model for exploring Social & Organisational Dynamics & Leadership.
Helen Innes – Accountant
Roger Way – Ex-Animator, Fine Artist