Tues 25 Feb to Sat March 1st.
Daily 3 hour workshops for vulnerable youth & adults, young carers, & for professionals in the arts, arts-for-health, education, health & therapy.
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CREATIVE PARENTING What parents say: Many say that they feel under pressure, lack space to spend quality time with with their children or that they would like opportunities to spend 1:1 time with each of their children in turn to foster these relationships. Many parents who make art materials readily available for their children to play with, secretly long to ‘have go’ themselves. Some do join in, but many don’t.Some feel uninspired about how to play creatively with their children or that they have forgotten how to play & would like to re-connect with their own ‘inner child’s’ playful, imaginative abilities. Art Therapy-based groups have been used for many years within adult education & community education as part of confidence building, restoring self-esteem amongst stay-at-home parents preparing to return to employment & to facilitate literacy-related skills; such as spontaneous story-telling & family book making as alternatives to reading from books. Parent + Child Dyadic Art Therapy groups are guided by two experienced Art Therapists. We provide a creative & safe, playful environment in which parent & child can work side-by-side & independently, reflect on their co-creativity & share about aspects of their relationship within the supportive setting of a peer group. Learn how, with simple materials, art making with your child can be a vehicle for a variety of communications; mutual relaxation, humour & sharing intimate feelings. Groups provide a nurturing way to discover more about yourself and your child & a gentle way to give & receive feedback & pick up parenting inspirations from one another. Paints, paper & a host of mixed media, recycled materials & plus a desire to connect with your children on a deeper level, make for a rewarding & nourishing experience. Facilitators: Beverley A’Court Kathy White Both Beverley & Kathy are avaialable for individual art therapy sessions with parents. Testimonial We both really enjoyed the art therapy session. It was a really special opportunity to meet and connect with each other through a mutually enjoyable activity. I loved that we had the chance to do a picture together but then we had a separate activity so that I could reflect on my experience of motherhood separately. It was well held from start to finish with both the children’s needs and the needs of the parents being accommodated. I would definitely want to do this again. Parent of a 7 year old.

OUT OF THE BOX Kits These kits were the outcome of many years’ of hearing clients say, ‘I’d love to do some art but I don’t have time.’ ‘I don’t have space to do it, I haven’t time for the mess it makes, or for the materials.’ These kits demonstrate that we need not let a lack of time & space prevent us from doing art. Most of us have a small table somewhere in our home & 1-5 minutes in between our other activities. They can be used as a first step into using expressive mark & symbol drawing as a daily tool for self-understanding, reflection & stress reduction. Designed with busy, stressed users in mind. A tool for individuals, families & a structured programme for use by ongoing self-help, support groups. A series of compact, portable table-top box kits including; 2 handbooks of background information about art as a therapy Self-help exercises requiring no prior artistic knowledge or skills. Advice concerning proper use of the kit A selection of simple, mini art materials for everyday & stress-emergency use. Avaialable with an Introductory Experiential Workshop (3-6 hours) Designer & Facilitator Beverley A’Court Contact or OUT OF THE BOX  Kit 3. Self-Care for Carers A Table-top Box Kit 2 easy to read A5 booklets of Imaginative Self-Help Exercises & a Basic Mini-Set of Art Materials in an elegant box to help you manage the challenges involved in being a Carer:

  • Managing Everyday Stress & Crisis Moments
  • Communication & Self Expression
  • Creative Problem-Solving & More… to order further kits, inquire about, or book, a practical workshop to introduce the Kit activities, & if you or your group/organisation would like to help pilot this project. Kit 3 boxes + handbooks are currently individually compiled & for £25 each incl. p+p We are seeking a publisher or funding to produce these booklets & kits, to enable the material to be more universally & affordably avaialable. Please contact us if you are interested to help with this. info@